Learning chess online - is it easy?

The popularity of chess is increasing more and more with every passing day. The main reason for that is the internet and the opportunities it gives for playing chess online. On the internet everyone can play with an unimaginable number of opponents from different levels and with different skills. Actually, what the net offers for playing chess online is even greater when you consider the fact that most websites follow big and small tournaments for chess online and all the games are broadcast and analyzed online.

With the spreading of chess on the internet, there comes another opportunity for the fans of chess and that is to learn to play chess online. There is a considerable number of websites dedicated to learning the game and the content they offer is quite often of high quality. We are going to tell you about such a training website for chess online. The website is chesslecture.com and its only flaw is that the services it offers are quite expensive.

Otherwise the website is amazing. Every day great chess masters present video lessons which cover different aspects of the game and are for chess fans from different levels. In this website you can find video lessons for beginners, intermediate players and there are also materials that examine elements which will be of help to some professional chess players.

How does this site work? First, you have to register in the site and choose a section in which to develop – for example, end games; then go to the video section and watch some hundred or so great video materials which follow all aspects of the end phase of the game. Thus, by learning online chess, you will definitely become a better player.